An Arroyo Runs Through It

Article from The Quarterly Magazine, Spring 2019 - Page 24

There is perhaps no stretch of canyon and river in Southern California more historically and culturally significant than the 25-mile long Arroyo Seco (the Arroyo). Beginning at Re Box Saddle in the San Gabriel Mountains above Pasadena, it runs south past the Rose Bowl through the communities of South Pasadena and Highland Park all the way to its confluence with the Los Angeles River by Dodger Stadium. However, despite the Arroyo’s importance, the landform is customarily overlooked by millions of uninitiated local residents and visitors, and often ignored by L.A. tour guides and maps.

This, in part, is because the Arroyo’s many fascinating points of interest are not physically interconnected in a way that promotes easy viewing or visitation…….Read More.

Sarah Rothenberg